Given the pace of change and complexity in today’s business environment, Advisory Boards are an often-underutilized resource for strategic, high-value information and guidance. The pressure to sustain a flourishing exploration company in a wildly chaotic and frantic marketplace falls on the individual Management leaders and the Board of Directors.


To thrive consistently over the long haul requires discipline and a reliable way for dealing with new opportunities and unforeseen adversities.  Traditional strategic planning in this fast-paced environment requires constant review and adaptations.  Being strategic has become the new leadership trait that will allows organization MLK Golds Ltd. to prosper and grow.  To streamline this objective and to facilitate a greater level of strategic awareness, the Company will create an effective Advisory Board.


As the name suggests, an Advisory Board is a formally constituted group of independent people who provide high quality, objective advice to the business owners in areas of strategic importance.  The Advisory Board will provide objective guidance, competitor analysis, trend spotting, identify new market forces, and making introductions to new and influential stakeholders.


Roles and Responsibilities for Advisory Team

  • A deep understanding of the organization and its environment
  • Offering insights and resources to complement discussion raised by the owners
  • Explore new business ideas or directions (with the benefit of distance from day-to-day operations)
  • Consider ways of improving operations and organizational efficiency.


MLK Gold Ltd. will select an Advisory Team consisting of between two to five with professionals experienced on a range of topics to help guide Management and the Board of Directors.